The Creation Begins with Destruction

The trailer has been re-located down next to the cabin. I've got the pressure-treated lumber to build the base. And if my motivation keeps up, I should have it framed in by the end of the summer. Hopefully.

May 19, 2011

Wheels Off !!

The axles and hubs without the wheels.
I had to remove them to sand the rails ...
fix the wiring ...
grease the hubs ...
and work on the brakes.

This is evidence of dog chewing ... or rodent.

This is the worst of the rusted rims.
I have to replace at least 2 rims due to rust.

This is the backside of the same rim.
Both paint and rust are flaking on both sides.

While I was at it, I pressure hosed out the two waste storage tanks
got out the leaves, manure, and glops of old toilet paper.
I'm debating on keeping the largest tank to drain the shower/tub.
The smaller tank will be for the sinks.

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