The Creation Begins with Destruction

The trailer has been re-located down next to the cabin. I've got the pressure-treated lumber to build the base. And if my motivation keeps up, I should have it framed in by the end of the summer. Hopefully.

Feb 16, 2010

Assets in a Small Town

I live in a small town.

Where you don't really have all those great opportunities
found on Craig's List or at the Re-Store.

Then again, you never know what will show up at the
Mission Thriftstore ...

The owner of this trailer is asking $500 ...
which in this case happens to be negotiable.
It's certainly long enough to put a tiny house on.

altho these wheel covers need some hammer and welding work
and the whole frame needs to be sanded and painted.
I think it was home-built ...
no certified weight capabilities ...

Feb 10, 2010

Look Under The Couch

It always pays to look under the couch-bed ... 
you just never know what is lurking under there.

In couch form 
( I had to dig all kinds of STUFF off of it to find it.)
Yes, that latch needs fixing ... 

Here it is as a bed ...
super long and wide enough to sleep two people.

Here's where I pull everything out and look underneath it ...
notice that water damage to the floor section?

Yep.  It has something to do with the corner seam ...
and water flowing down to rot other wooden parts.

I can probably save and re-use the couch bed ...
It's ideal as you get older and climbing into the loft
doesn't seem so exciting ...
or you've had one too many brewskies ...

Feb 5, 2010

Trailers to Look For ...

This is not the kind of trailer you'd want if you intended to keep it original.  You would have to tear off the entire external covering ... or remove the entire interior ... and then rebuild the frame ... after propping everything up so all the sides and corners match up.


if you are looking for a camping trailer that you can save the parts from ... and tear-down to the trailer to build a tiny house ... 
then this is what you look for and buy as a bargain 
(or maybe even be "gifted" it).

This is the front right corner as seen from the outside.

This is the front right corner as seen from the inside.

This is the right rear corner as seen from the outside.

This is the right rear corner as seen from the inside by the tub/shower.

This is the back left corner under the bunk beds.
Look for lots of silicone gel on the corner seams ...

Feb 3, 2010

The Storage Trailer

It gets even worse ...
My wife figured that we needed MORE storage space for stuff,
 so she bought this Shasta Trailer from our neighbor
 for $500.

He had purchased another trailer and the guy he bought it from said he had to haul this one off too.  Our neighbor figured to use it as a parts trailer.  

A mattress off the bunkbed and the inverter were what he needed to fix up the other trailer.  What you are looking at here are the wires left after the inverter was removed.  A replacement inverter would cost $320.

If you look closely, you may be able to identify why the other fellow insisted that he take it with him ... No, it wasn't because of the missing skirt around the wheels and slight damage in that area.  Notice this front corner?  3 out of 4 corners (the other two aren't as bad as this one) show signs of opening up due to wood rot of the frame.  Yep, this hole goes all the way through to the inside ... an extra tiny window that you can look out of while sitting on the couch.
As you may surmise ... this is the reason for the tarp.
And yes, my wife has it loaded with storage stuff.

It's easier to blame it on her ... 
than admit that I also have stuff in there that I could probably live without.

Feb 2, 2010

Everywhere is Storage Space

This is the spare bedroom a.k.a. walk-in closet.
On occasion we have cleared the bottom bunk off for people to sleep.  The top bunk and under the bed is storage.  To the left, under the hanging clothes, is a dresser full of clothes and stuff.  The light wood to the right is another hanging closet unit.

There is the dryer in what was supposed to be the closet for this bedroom.

To the right of the dryer, on the otherside of the wall, is the washing machine in what would be the pantry ...

In our bedroom, you see boxes full of stuff, another dresser unit, and some old military stuff (that's all that would fit) hanging in what was supposed to be a closet but now contains the large water heater tank.  And there is more storage under the bed too.

I've heard that I should de-paper my life ... 
One of these days I'll get a scanner and get started on it.
Maybe if I can find the books I want to keep in an e-form at, then I can give away the paper copies.
Altho, I still think I am going to need a storage shed to go along with the Tiny House I would like to build.

Feb 1, 2010

OverCrowding - Stuff Storage in a small house

That excess stuff storage issue continues into the insides of the house.  This whole thing about putting my hand on it and saying, "Do I really need this?" just doesn't fly.  I have a wife who also wants to keep things in hopes of me becoming a rich man, and buying her a 6,000 sq ft DREAM HOME.  I don't have the same urge and desire.  Books and Tools are my issues.  I think that we have a nice cozy place to live.  And we DON'T really NEED more than we now have.

On the immediate left is the front door ...
That is the dining room side of the main room.
Against the north wall is the computer room.

The dining table doesn't actually get used for eating.
It's a storage place for bulk foods, spices, fruits, bread,
and anything else that's just looking for a spot.

This is the East wall - opposite the dining table.
This is the official Living Room.
The coffee table in the middle serves as eating surface,
seat for my wife's computer, desk, storage underneath,
and what-not-else.

The south wall is the kitchen.
Just to the right of this foto is the refrigerator.

We spend most of our time living in this combination room.  And that is probably as it should be ... and would be in a tiny house.