The Creation Begins with Destruction

The trailer has been re-located down next to the cabin. I've got the pressure-treated lumber to build the base. And if my motivation keeps up, I should have it framed in by the end of the summer. Hopefully.

Dec 4, 2010

Stripping Down The Trailer 2

No doors or windows remaining.  All Gone.
Still gotta get that awning off of there.

Pulled all the wires off this side and front end.

It looks huge and spacious with everything removed.

Taken through the front window hole looking towards the back.
The bathroom wall on the right is held on by the 50 staples they put down through the ceiling panel.  I'll get the left wall loose after I get the siding off and can remove the screws coming into it from the outside.

The wife said, "Forget the fresh water tank ... we aren't doing that.  We will be using city or well water pumped in.  That old propane heater isn't happening either.  I'd rather have a "tiny cod" wood stove.  And see if you can squeeze a bathtub in here."  Those are my marching orders for the moment.  And I need to buy the 4 windows for the dormer area.

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