The Creation Begins with Destruction

The trailer has been re-located down next to the cabin. I've got the pressure-treated lumber to build the base. And if my motivation keeps up, I should have it framed in by the end of the summer. Hopefully.

Oct 27, 2010

De-Construction 4

This is the outside view of the back of the refrigerator.
Here is where I disconnect the 12VDC lines, the 120VAC plug
and the copper gas line ... along with 4 screws.

The refrigerator as seen from the entire back.
when removed.

This is the outside of the water heater.
I took out all those screws & disconnected the gas line.
Inside I disconnected the two water lines.
Then I simply pulled this little 6.2 gallon tank out.

There were 4 screws around the front of the refrigerator. 
After I took those out, it still didn't want to come out.  It is HEAVY and I had to overcome inertia to get it out.  (I used a pry bar) then gently rocked it back and forth until I could ease it down on the floor. You can see the insulation that surrounded it.  Toward the back is a vertical shaft that goes up and through a screen to an outside vent.  There is actually unused space above the refrigerator for possible storage.

Look at the picture above this one and then back at this one.  I removed the insulation from around the refrigerator box.  Saw that there are screws coming from the outside, through the side wall, to hold this cabinet in place.  So I took out the screws holding the closet frame in place and removed it.  Yes, it had 50 staples along the top edge.

This is what is under the closet.
The 12VDC lines (red & white)
the 120VAC lines (black & white -- 
but mostly just appearing black here.)
the drain lines and the water lines.
And an extra group of wires from the tanks. (middle left)

Bathroom next ...

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